About Buthor company


 The National Seed and Agriculture Service Co. was established in the year 1986 with an initial capital of SR. 8580000 by a number of the biggest agricultural companies in the Kingdom such as the National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC), National Agricultural Company (Watania), Hail Agricultural Development Company (HADCO), and Gassim Agricultural Development Company (GADCO) in addition to a number of major businessmen in the Kingdom such as HRH Prince Fahad Bin Megrin Bin Abdulaziz, Sheikh Saleh Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, and Sheikh Saleh Mutlaq Al-Henaki.

 The target behind the establishment of this Company was to produce and satisfy the Kingdom’s full needs of wheat and barley seeds instead of importing them from abroad . Practically, the company established two major seed-production sites in both Al-Qassim and Hail. It equipped these two sites with highly efficient seed-cleaning and treatment machines of productive capacity 350 ton per day. It appointed for the two sites a number of highly qualified, experienced, and specialized agricultural engineers.

 Thanks Allah, the company started its first productive season in the year 1986 by producing 10000 tons of bread wheat seeds of the variety Yecora Rojo and distributed the seeds to farmers in different regions. Based on instructions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (king Fahd Bn Abdel Aziz) it exported to the State of Bangladesh around 500 tons. In the following years the company intensified efforts, maximized productivity, and diversified the crop seeds it produces to satisfy farmers needs. The Company’s local production of the bread wheat seeds Yecora Rojo, macaroni wheat seeds Yavarous, soft wheat seeds Benewawa and barley seeds Gesto reached at the beginning of 1990s to around 50 thousand ton/year. The Company was able to gain trust of farmers, maximize sales and increase capital from SR 8580000 to SR 29515200 .

 The company has always taken into consideration the importance of experiments and scientific research. It coordinated successfully with a number of international agricultural research centers like the International Center for Agricultural Research in the dry areas (ICARDA) and the International Seeds Testing Association (ISTA), in addition to some international companies specialized in seeds production such as PACIFIC SEEDS COMPANY and the departments concerned with seeds production at the Ministry of Agriculture to introduce dozens of high quality wheat varieties to the Kingdom and to plant different varieties in different regions in the Kingdom for the purpose of comparison and differentiation, in terms of productivity, season length, water consumption, and flour quality to select the most suitable varieties . And among these varieties was the solid wheat varieties (Kronos and Klasic) which are used for macaroni and semolina production .
 In the year 2003 a seed committee was established by the Ministry of Agriculture from the 12 biggest agricultural companies in the kingdom that are involved in producing seeds . This committee (that was called Seed Producers Committee) was founded to hold the responsibility of producing wheat and barley seeds in the kingdom with the highest international standards .
 National Seeds Company – as the oldest seed producer company , and as the one with the highest production capacity – was a main and active member in this committee .
 In the year 2007 , the company took a step forward . It bought a farm in the northern province of the kingdom with an area of 17 squared kilometers ( 1700 hectares) . In this farm the company started in the following year (2008) to produce for the local market different varieties of wheat grain , alfalfa grass , Sudan grass , watermelon , tomato … in addition to its main production of wheat seeds .
 And in the year 2009 the company took another step forward by establishing a vegetable nursery (with European specifications) in its site in Buraydah , with an area of 2112 m2 and capacity of 20000 seedling trays/year ( about 5 million seedlings/year ) . And in the year 2012 the area of the nursery was doubled to 4224 m2 , and its capacity jumped to 40000 tray/year ( 10 million seedlings) .
 Nowadays the company is studying some new ideas . And it hopes that soon a decision will be taken to start a new activity .