Green Forage /Fodder

The company has  great care in cultivation of green fodder/ forages in its Al-Jouf farm project for many of the following reasons:-

  1. The green fodder which belong to the family of Legumes mainly Lucerne (alfalfa) has specifics chemically in improving the soil texture & increases the nitrogen contents at high degree in the soil which obviously reflects to increase productivity crop that follows the fodder .
  2.  The cultivation of green fodder is considered the successful way to eradicate & control weeds epidemiological annual in field crops such as Heiban, wild oats & Hibiscus.
  3.  Growing of green fodder, especially the durable one is considered a successful way to control/eradicate the fungal diseases adapted  in the soil as well as the nematodes.
  4. Generally,in terms of economy incomes,the cultivation of fodder is found essentially.

The actual designated cultivation of green forage/fodder by the company are as follows:-

  1. Clover (Alfalfa)

The company always in every year allocates certain parts of its project to sown with clover. usually, it selects the best fields & the finest varieties of American & Australian clover seeds.Hence, the average medium produce of alfalfa is about 7000Mt/year Actually,the whole quantities mostly are sold to the wholesaler customers in Riyadh and Jeddah.

  1. Corn Pasture.

When the summer season comes,& after harvesting the wheat crop,the company chooses some of the its fields for sowing with corn feeds.The approximately annual cultivated of corn for green fodder is about 8MT.The medium company's produce of corn forage is about 2,000MT/annum.