Green House

The company had started establishing  green house in the year of 2009.the main aim was to provide services  for  Al-Gassim  farm areas of vegetable growers & had equipped with latest  update technologies of green houses.
Gradually , for past few years, the company has  had  great enlarging programs   to reach the total area around ten thousand square meters  in 2014, as such to be a total produce around   75,000 nursery trays which will produces about 15 million plant nurseries  per annum.   
Hence, the expanding  program is at continual  until reach nearly 100,000 nursery trays.
Thus,the enlarging  produce  program of nursery at the green house will be as follows:-

  1. Planting vegetable seeds at synthetic polystyrene cork trays  by means  a  system of use mechanical  seed machine at different sizes  which  meets  the  exact  desired  size of the  plant seeds.
  2. Firmness of planted  seeds at the incubation  with limited temperature & humidity levels  in order to acquire  the highest  plant  germination.
  3. Growing nurseries at green-houses  with appropriate apply of  fertilizers & with a great  care of prevention.
  4. Checking  the nurseries out of the green-houses  at shaded places  before delivery  to the  customer  farms.
  5. The nurseries will be picked  by conditioned vehicles to the customer farms  up to their farm places.