The olive tree belongs to the family of Olea europaea olive Oleaceae one of the evergreen trees,which grows in abundance in the Mediterranean sea basin area cultivated around the world,including 5.5 million hectares, 95% of in the bordering of the Mediterranean sea. Hence ,the status shows  27% of the cultivated area are located in Spain & has a global production of olive is about 17million Mt. mostly  are used to extract oil. It is  reported that advantages of the olive oil for easily digest  as it contains many kind of vitamins beneficially has resistant to many kinds of contagious diseases. Also, it is founded that it reduces the likelihood of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases as well as it reduces cholesterol LDL levels in the blood. According  to the statics, it is found that it reduces the incidence of some types of Cancers especially the Breast Cancer.

As advised, putting the demand for uses inside the Kingdom & outside actually its demand daily is increasing at higher rate.

The olive tree needs a warm climate, cool in summer & a mild winter in order to give good harvest.

Experiments practically had shown that the northern region of the Kingdom is suitable for cultivation of olive for oil produce at economical levels due to its accessible environment.

Therefore, the company in the half year of 2014. Had planted about 150,000 olive trees with a total area of 100Hct. At its AL-Jouf site.

The company late years & had followed a program steps of expansion & now days it owns nearly 600,000 olive trees. It had followed the densely planting  systems which is considered the latest way used system at USA & Europe.


Date: 16 Nov, 2014
Location: AL-Jouf
Trees farm: 600000