wheat seeds

The National Seed & Agricultural Service company had been providing the farmers with certified Bread wheat seeds first generation variety Yecora Rojo produced locally from registered seeds which is an American origin with an international  standard in terms of purity & quality under supervision of the Seed Producers Committee which is setup by the ministry of Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Actually, the produces this variety in its project at AL-Jouf  at the selected clean fields and then transferred the grain to the production site at AL-Gassim for cleaning & treatment with Fungicides.
The bread wheat Yecora Rojo variety is usually a Red Wheat of US origin had been grown for about twenty five years under pivot irrigation systems with an average produce in the southern region about 4.5MT/Hect.,while in the northern region is about 6.5MT/Hect.   


Location: AL-Jouf

Average output: 7 Tons/Hectare